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Maintaining healthy and youthful skin with organic and aromatherapy skin care products.
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Sandy's Organics Testimonials

"I have been using Sandy's organics for fifteen years now and swear by their products! Over the years I have tried many different products and everything I have received has always been amazing. I have extremely sensitive skin and have had phenomenal success using Sandy's Organics to keep my skin healthy and balanced.

After more than a decade of using Sandy's Organics therapeutic face oils, I refuse to use anything else on my face. I am constantly being told how amazing my skin looks and most people believe that I am much younger than I actually am.

In my twenties I noticed that the skin on my elbows and knees was rough and calloused. Sandy's Organics solution? Aromatherapy massage oil, obviously! Her nourishing oils have made my skin perfectly balance and moisturized. This particular product is a household favorite and has been used to treat my daughter's eczema and my son's keratosis pilaris. Both of my children ask for this oil for massages, after a sun burn, or just to calm down after a busy day."

Jocelyn D.

"My favorite skin care product of all time is Sandy's Chamomile/Calendula nourishing face cleanser/moisturizer. I live in an arid environment and as I age my skin has gotten significantly drier. I will not use any other product on my face for gentle cleansing because nothing else compares if you have even slightly sensitive (or dry) skin. This product has changed my entire skin routine and I cannot live without it."

Katie D. California

"Recently I tried Sandy's lemon/lavender loofah body scrub and oh my goodness! This product smells amazing and strikes the fine balance between rejuvenating your skin and exfoliating it. Definitely safe and balanced enough for sensitive skin and one of my favorites in Sandy's Organics new line of products. My skin now has a more beautiful tone and texture. I love this product and will be ordering more for sure."

Lynn M. Weaverville

I have used Sandy's Organic Body Products for many years. I am in my late 60's and my skin is youthful and I owe my youthful appearance to Sandy's Organic Body Products. I receive many compliments regarding my skin. My husband has used the exfoliating oatmeal soap bar for years and it has kept his black heads at bay. And the massage oils are miraculous........they are the best ever. ..never greasy! ! And my house smells fabulous due to the aromatherapy sprays. We are satisfied and happy customers.

Jo S.
Big Bear, CA